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Note to selfffffff.

Rules are made to be broken, but are promises too?
Our trust went along with those promises, broken by you.
I'm sorry I can't hear you, I was too busy staring at the floor.
Re-tracing your footprints and the time you walked out of the door.
Since then I've waited for you to come back, but you never will.
You've forgotten to shut that door, it remains open still.

I can't be that girl that you've always wanted me to be.
I could try all I liked but it just wouldn't be me.
I made a promise to myself to always be true.
I wasn't willing to break that promise just for the sake of you.

You've been close to the edge so many times, this time I'll let you fall.
So don't come running back to me, I won't answer that call.
Or maybe I'll be the one to give you that final shove.
You need a reality check if you can call this "love".

The words that were once my world mean nothing now.
Meaningless and empty, I'm past caring somehow.
I gave you everything, you gave me lies in return.
Now I'd take pleasure in watching you burn.
So when you strike that match, I hope you think of me.
The bad times, the worse times and all we would never be.
My tears fuel the fire that i hope will rip you to shreds.
And let our broken promises forever reside in your head.

I thought I'd found heaven, but really you were dragging me to hell.
Kicking and screaming, secretly, I knew it all too well.
You promised that you would never break my heart.
That promise was broke, you tore it apart!
I hope I haunt you as you struggle to sleep.
A constant reminder of the promises that you refused to keep.

I can't trust a single word that exits your mouth anymore.
The lies arrive in a sudden outpour.
So I shall walk this road solo, as we go our separate ways.
Remembering the hot summer nights and those sacred rainy days.
You're not turning back, so why should I?
I've got one thing left to say to you, so here it is;



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