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ive decided to make it longer ;O

Heading for a cliff, too late to turn this car crash around,
So ill put my foot on the gas
Smile as im about to hit the ground
And just let the moment pass

Not giving a second thought to yesterday
Nothing worth bring into the present anyway
Worryless about tomorrow
Its not worth being burried in sorrow

Soap powder and cigarette smoke cloud my train of thought
For better or worse, a moment can make such a change 
Scar tissue and emptyness surround my heart
Its being pulled apart, this is so strange

Frosty heart melts away in the winter sun
Leaving no trace of it behind
Is this the end, or have we only just begun?
The answers are too hard to find

Ever feel like you're lagging, being left a mile back?
While their lives are on fast forward, i just wanna watch the clouds
We're the same but different, theres something i lack
We all know what it is, you're screaming it so loud!

Save me from this emptiness, this void
Just grab my hand and pull me out
Why am i so paranoid?
And why can't anyone hear even though i shout?

A black cloud hangs over my head
Even on the warmest of summer days
Always there, filling me with dread
Drenches me with doubt in so many ways

A line in a song is all i ever was from the start
Taking home nothing but regrets
Tattered and torn, but it's still a heart
Thats one thing i'll never forget



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