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A word of advice; don’t cry with liquid eyeliner on - it hurts.

While we’re on the subject of pain, ARGH! A Deep Vein Thrombosis is actually more painful than it sounds, and that’s saying something :| I can’t walk right and won’t be able to for 6 months to a year, i’m on these massive pills which I have to take 10 of a day, my painkillers taste like ear wax, my mum has to give me an injection to thin my blood every day in my tummy of all places and there’s a massive chance of me doing all this for nothing and dying anyway.

So hoorah…The only positive thing is that they’ve given me a free toxic waste bin for all the syringes. :/

I must admit, there’s no way i’d be able to make it through without some wonderful people who deserve a mention.

Gemma & Shanaz: My two bestest friends, I love how my phone’s resembled a vibrator over the past couple of days with you two texting and asking me how I am and telling me it’ll all be okay, especially when I feel like it’s the end of the world for me. Now I know why you’re my best friends.

Jake: I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel around you. Your hugs save my life each and every time. You’re amazing - nuff said.

Charlotte: For being the only person to give me a Get Well Soon card, and a home made one, which brought a tear to my eye. :’)

Mummykins: My rock basically. I know this entire thing’s talking it’s toll on her as much as me, she’s just dealing with it way better than I ever could and there’s no way on this earth I could get through this without her.

“That blood clot will get fed up of you and it’ll fuck off.” Gotta love my mum’s humour…not to mention her optimism.

Anyway, drowsy from the medication. Peace Out. xoxo



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