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 As it's "Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Don't Binge Drink, Get Arrested Or Get Pregnant" Week at college I thought i'd pick up a couple of leaflets to see if there's an actual possible way to sort my head out which, as i suspected, proved to be inconclusive. 
You should see some of the complete and utter garbage they think are effective ways of getting rid of stress and anxiety. Whoever wrote those leaflets obviously wasn't (or has forgotten) what it's like to be a student and to have a life. I mean, come on, as if clenching every muscle in my body for 10 minutes or taking a deep breath with my hand on my stomach or writing a Thought Journal will make all, if any, of my problems go away!!!?
One point I found really ironic was number five; Get Sleep.
AHEM, chances are, if you're a teenager who has contact with the world outside their bedroom, and is doing a-levels too, finding the time to sleep is harder than most might think.
Then the last point was "Think about your thoughts". PAH! That's turned out to be a vicious circle! My thoughts are centered around how my life is a total mess and how I have no idea where i'm heading. How can thinking about that do any good at all? It just generates more and more of the same thoughts! Therefore, defatting the objective and making me more stressed out than I was when I picked up the freaking leaflet!

I expect to get spots and for my hair to start falling out soon. :/ xx


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Neetish Mutty
Apr. 28th, 2012 11:01 am (UTC)
u have the talent to make someone laugh while saying something serious! u r an artist my friend!
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